Day: April 20, 2010

Flash Central offline fillip

Flash Central offline fillip Macromedia will announce the Mac OS X-compatible Macromedia Central, which lets Flash applications run on the desktop independently of a Web browser. Applications designed to work with the application can be used to gather online information, which can then be examined and used offline. The desktop will automatically synchronize with the data repository when back online. Central isn’t due to ship until summer, but Macromedia expects it will generate a wave of Flash-based application development. Any available online information – such as stock reports, weather news, recipes and reviews – can be gathered within Flash...

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COD: Elite complete details revealed

COD: Elite complete details revealed The much awaited Call of Duty: Elite trailer has been leaked online, we have got our hands on the trailer and we would like to present to you the complete details about what Call of Duty: Elite is all about. First of all Call of Duty: Elite is an online service that allows you to form groups, compete, share videos of your favourite games, view maps and many more. The service is accessible via mobile, tablets, smartphones, computer etc. Call of Duty: Elite will work for all COD games from Black Ops and beyond....

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World Of Tanks Lunar Mode Returns To Xbox 

World Of Tanks Lunar Mode Returns To Xbox  It’s time for more TANKS IN SPACE with the return of World of Tanks’ Lunar Mode. For the third time, Xbox 360 players can feel the joy of battling it out on the Moon, while Xbox One players will get their first taste of highly armored space battle. The new mode hits the free-to-play game on both consoles today, allowing players and their compatriots to battle it out in a low gravity environment — all for the control of a moon base. In celebration of the mode’s return, Wargaming is holding...

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