Day: April 2, 2010

Apple v Samsung: Five experts, five questions

Apple v Samsung: Five experts, five questions As a nine-person jury begins deliberations in the closely watched patent trial between Apple and Samsung, the companies and their lawyers are left waiting and wondering what the jury made of the three weeks of arguments. We polled five people with specialist knowledge of the legal system, patent litigation and trials, and the U.S. smartphone market to get their opinions on the trial so far. They were: Mark McKenna, a Notre Dame University law professor who specializes in intellectual property, trademark and copyright law; Christopher Carani, a shareholder at McAndrews, Held &...

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Absolute Force Online Announces Open Beta 

Absolute Force Online Announces Open Beta  Net Dragon, the publishers behind the upcoming FPS Absolute Force Online, let word out that the beta for the third person/first person shooter would be available on December 19th. AFO’s closed beta was apparently a huge success for Net Dragon, as the company announced that over 10,000 players participated in the closed beta test phase. TQ Digital, the developers of AFO, have stated that the feedback the team garnered from the closed beta tests will be “taken seriously with promised changes based on player requests”. Besides player feedback changes, AFO is said to...

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