Day: January 18, 2010

Dragon's Crown: Opening Video

Dragon’s Crown: Opening Video 2   Atlus has released the opening video for Dragon’s Crown. Atlus has released the opening video for Dragon’s Crown, which is scheduled for release some time in August for PS3 and PS Vita. The video opens with a dragon,  then reveals the characters you can choose from in the game. There are six character types to choose from: Amazon, Fighter, Elf, Dwarf, Wizard, and Sorceress. After watching the Dragon’s Crown video, I did a little research to see if there was more information on the game. Luckily, I found another video, which shows side-scrolling 2D movement and...

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Designers welcome online, says Quark

Designers welcome online, says Quark The introduction of Quark Interactive Designer could change the emphasis of online design, according to Quark’s senior vice president of desktop products, Jurgen Kurz. “Today designers mock together pages and hand them to the developer, as opposed to the developer doing something and handing it to the designer. It’s the complete opposite of the creative workflow,” explained Kurz. “Websites could be much more compelling if the graphic designers were involved, so we’ve given them a tool to be involved,” he added. The software is not intended to take work away from developers, however, insisted...

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Block Battles: TimeGate Announces Minimum 

Block Battles: TimeGate Announces Minimum  With blocky graphics and a title like “Minimum” you would expect TimeGate Studio’s latest shooter to offer little more than cheap minimalist square-filled thrills. But on closer inspection the Free-to-Play shooter suddenly evolves into something very much the opposite. What it lacks in visuals it certainly makes up for in scale and sheer ridiculousness. Giant golems wage war for their respective sides while blocky insects skitter across the arena floor. I’m pretty sure I even saw some red dinosaurs. Meanwhile players are busy shooting, slashing, collecting, and upgrading their weapons. Speaking of upgrading weapons,...

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