World of Tanks Generals Brings the Battle to the Card Table is the latest company to move into the collectible card game genre as they unveil their upcoming, free-to-play World of Tanks Generals. Currently recruiting beta testers for both the PvE and PvP modes, World of Tanks Generals moves the simulation game to the virtual card table. is advertising the game as turn based, easy to learn, and easy to play and will be launching the game in a PC browser form as well as making the game available on tablets, smartphones, and basically anything you can get to connect to the internet. World of Tanks Generals will also operate using Wargaming’s unified sign on so no additional accounts will be necessary.

One thing I noticed right away from the trailer above is that it looks like cards will still have mobility after being played. Since your deck can be fully customized, this additional tactic could be a pretty big factor in deck building. Tanks have a range I guess and the card versions of them look to be no exception.

You can sign up for the beta on the official site.