Day: January 3, 2010

World of Tanks Generals Brings the Battle to the Card Table 

World of Tanks Generals Brings the Battle to the Card Table is the latest company to move into the collectible card game genre as they unveil their upcoming, free-to-play World of Tanks Generals. Currently recruiting beta testers for both the PvE and PvP modes, World of Tanks Generals moves the simulation game to the virtual card table. is advertising the game as turn based, easy to learn, and easy to play and will be launching the game in a PC browser form as well as making the game available on tablets, smartphones, and basically anything you can...

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Bell tolls for Kazaa

Bell tolls for Kazaa File-sharing application Kazaa could be outlawed by the end of the year, after an Australian Federal Court judge set a “preliminary” trial date of November 29 for Sharman Networks. In the latest round of legal wrangling Thursday between the record companies and Sharman Networks over the Kazaa peer-to-peer system, Justice Murray Wilcox said he hoped the case could be heard before Christmas. “The 29th of November is a viable option (for the trial),” he said. “Parties should work on that basis.” This was only a “preliminary” date and could be changed, he said. However, senior...

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