Yo-Kai Watch demo visiting Nintendo 3DS later today

Yo-Kai Watch is starting in america on November 6, and it is even getting its very own Nintendo 2DS bundle. Today, Nintendo has introduced a demo for that game is going to be on the Nintendo eShop later today.

The Yo-Kai Watch demo will task gamers with utilizing their watch to locate a total of three troublemaking Yo-Kai to be able to bring peace to Springdale.

The entire form of Yo-Kai Watch may have gamers going through the capital of scotland- Springdale to uncover greater than 200 Yo-kai, to then befriend them and using them as a group to be able to fight other Yo-kai. Each Yo-kai features its own group of unique abilities and talents, which gamers want to use to be able to challenge troublemaking Yo-kai which help people solve their daily problems.