Games of Glory Releasing on Steam This Summer 

It’s a MOBA, no it’s a shooter…actually it’s a “SHMOBA” according to Anders Larsson, Co-Founder of Lightbuld Crew. Either way, Games of Glory, having been previously Greenlighted on Steam late last year, will be launching on Steam this Summer as a free to play title. We’ll have to stay tuned for the actual date though.

Games of Glory offers distinctive multiplayer online gameplay that features the battle arena game style while implementing the action, equipment, perks, and skill-based gameplay of popular Shooter titles. Players must work together with their respective teams to conquer their opponents through a variety game modes with objectives such as destroying their rival’s bases or annihilate key players. In Games of Glory, players cannot take a single victory or defeat for granted as each battle will affect the outcome of this living, persistent-universe.

Games of Glory is faction based so when you’re doing battle in the arena, you’re actually fighting for your faction as a whole. You’re also fighting to topple the Synarch (the dude who created the arena games to keep warring factions busy while the Kshantis race dominated the galaxy.)

We’ve got a lot to learn about this upcoming title, but if you want a chance to check it out early, register on the game’s site for a chance at access.