Month: December 2009

iPad 2 HD – are the rumors for real?

iPad 2 HD – are the rumors for real? The much anticipated iPad 2 hasn’t even hit Apple Stores, while a new rumor about an iPad 3 arriving in time for the holidays began swirling around the blogosphere recently. Two iPads in the same year? What’s going on? Does this rumor carry much weight? “This is a serious problem,” says tech analyst Rob Enderle. “If people believe the rumor, they will not buy on the [iPad 2] refresh, and Apple’s stock price will tumble dramatically. This rumor could be an attempt to pump the stock and needs to be...

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Apple stealing more mobile ad revenue from Google

Apple stealing more mobile ad revenue from Google While Google is currently basking in an Android smartphone sales spike, even beating iPhone sales for the first time last quarter, the advertising giant is losing ground to Apple on a critical front: mobile advertising, reports IDC. IDC told BusinessWeek that Apple is on pace to end the year with 21 percent of the mobile advertising market. It’s an amazing feat, considering that Apple didn’t sell mobile ads last year. Apple’s iAd advertising platform for the iPhone and iPod touch debuted only a couple of months ago. Google’s mobile ad market...

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Happy 50th birthday, hard drive

Happy 50th birthday, hard drive Inside the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, sits an odd-looking, refrigerator-sized contraption that could have been created by an out-of-control set designer for Lost in Space. But this homely piece of hardware was the guest of honour at a celebration Tuesday night on the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of the first computer hard disk drive. On 13 September 1956, IBM launched the RAMAC (Random Access Memory for Accounting and Control) 305 and RAMAC 350, two models of a disk drive system that could store a whopping 5MB of...

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PowerLogix finds G4 upgrade fix

PowerLogix finds G4 upgrade fix PowerLogix has announced the first fix to allow all blue-&-white G3’s to take a G4 upgrade, a quest shared by all upgrade manufacturers in the last couple of weeks. “Our engineers simply would not rest until this patch was completed. We wanted to be able to offer the PowerForce G4 cards to all G3 owners, and not just beige and some Blue G3 owners,” said Robert Jagitsch, president of PowerLogix Research and Development. “It isn’t magic. It is just evidence of our commitment to offer quality upgrade products to the Power Mac...

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First Look: Firefox 4

First Look: Firefox 4 For years, Firefox has trundled along at the back of the browser pack, a beast of burden laden with fancy features but lacking speed. Not anymore. Mozilla has released Firefox 4, and in our preliminary tests, the browser makes a huge performance leap forward. On a 2GHz Core 2 Duo aluminum MacBook with 2GB of RAM, Firefox 4 roughly quadrupled Firefox 3.6.15’s speed in an XHTML rendering test and the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark. Its Acid3 score improved by 3 points (reaching 97 out of 100), and it gained more than 100 points out of 400...

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